Optical 3D Digitizing, Reverse Engineering Core elements

The development of new products or product variants and of the tools and devices for their production involves a long series of optimization steps. In order to identify possible deviations from the desired dimensions, the work piece must be measured. This measuring process is very time consuming.

Non-contact optical measuring techniques

Non-contact optical measuring techniques with mobile systems not only save time but also provide much more comprehensive information than traditional tactile measuring systems. And only an extremely high number of measuring points ensures a safe measurement, especially when it comes to the free form surfaces matching current customer requirements. These are contours in a three-dimensional space which cannot be described by regular geometry. The surfaces of the objects to be measured may be rigid and solid or soft and elastic.

Evaluation software permits a control of any desired individual point. This method of measuring is also used in tool making and quality assurance.

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Measurement as part of optical 3D digitization starts with the attachment of reference marks on the object.


Penetration of a
Penetration of a tank